Anton Rozhin is a jury member at Eurobest 2021

Anton Rozhin, a Voskhod’s creative director, is a jury member at Eurobest, the region’s most renowned creativity festival. He is judging works in Social & Influencer category, introduced into the festival program this year. Anton is a member of a brilliant line up of 100 professionals from 25+ countries and equal gender split.
As Anton says, Eurobest is incredibly thorough in the way it trains the jury members. Regular meet-ups take place with the organizing committee sharing details on the judging process and tips on how to stay unbiased. Moreover, Eurobest, as a member of the Unstereotype Alliance led by UN Women, asks the jury to consider whether work objectifies or represents stereotypical portrayals of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability etc. and consider this when voting on the work.
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