We will become better

Tolerance in Russia is like a magic unicorn: you want to believe in it, but it’s hardly real. Everyday reality is filled with resentment that the society demostrates towards everything that goes beyond the so-called “traditional norm”. More often than you’d wish, this feeling grows to aggression and direct violence.
Here at Voskhod, we believe in power of love.

We’re moving on with our fundraising project that is aimed at promoting human rights to freedom of choice. Our driver is hope. Desperate hope that one day everyone can be openly in love with whoever they want to be.
We developed a website for “We will become better”. Our goal is to raise 2 mln rubles (22 thousand euros) that we’ll channel to production of a music video in a collaboration with a talented director Andzej Gavriss and Sansara, a Russian music band. The video is going to focus on love — so different in its forms, yet essentially the same.

Follow the link better.voskhod.agency to read more about the project and support us.