Perception of creative concepts

It often happens so that clients are scared to embrace bold creative ideas because they’re scared to lose their current audience.
We performed qualitative research of how creativity is perceived at the territory of four countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. The results indicate the following: if the audience is satisfied with the quality of a product, nothing will prevent it from buying it – no matter how absurd the ad is.

Potential customers, on the opposite, will pay attention to it and are more likely to test the product if they are excited about the ad. An astounding creative concept will not leave anyone indifferent. Humour, absurdity, verve attract attention and cause positive emotion.
The audience is much more sensitive about nationality-related traditions. It was curious to learn that Belarusians are among the ones most open to all kinds of eccentricity in advertising; Ukrainians are, on the opposite, the strictest ones.