Alma Ceramica

Ural Ceramic

Uralkeramika is an old name for a well-known regional ceramic tiles manufacturer. A few years ago, it underwent renovation and now is in line with European brands, quality- and design-wise. 

In 2016, we helped Uralkeramika to re-interpret their identity and align the brand’s inner and outer images. Our collaboration resulted in a new brand platform, naming and identity.

Your home is a place where your soul rests. This is why the new naming featured the word “alma”, “soul” in Spanish.

The logo shows letters that are graphically styled as ceramic tiles with textured design. The name is also reflected in the typeface. A set of unique patterns combined with brand-style colour scheme create the foundation that is adaptable for all future design solutions. New tile packaging and store design highlight Alma Ceramica among numerous, visually similar competitors.

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