Brusnika. Because beauty is spiritualizing


Brusnika began construction of a church in Moscow in Ogorodny proezd - next to its residential quarter MONS. This is a non-standard event for the company. To touch the sublime, to create the beautiful, is the dream of any developer. All the more so because beauty is what Brusnika promotes when creating each of its projects.

"In order to understand whether beauty is spiritual, we have read a huge amount of literature: from the Gospel and the works of the Holy Fathers to modern sermons and studies of theologians. And we have formulated the main message of the video: “Beauty is harmony, value and the basis of life. It is generous, it is for everyone... Beauty is not a luxury, a temptation, but a virtue,” - said creative director of Voskhod Andrey Gubaidullin.

"Our houses are more than ‘machines for living’. These spaces create a mood, energizing residents with emotions. By bringing beauty into everyday life, we form a new cultural code built on the fusion of aesthetics and function,” commented Brusnika's brand director Denis Davydov.