Brusnika. Engineering approach


Each project of the developer Brusnika is the result of verified engineering thought. The new video by Voskhod Agency shows how much labor the specialists of the developer put into it. 

Slow motion shooting allowed to depict in a concentrated way all the "torments" of creativity and the search for engineering insight.

"At the speed of 600 frames per second, a banal raising of an eyebrow, scrunching of the nose or curvature of the face gives a completely different macro-tone - excessive pathos, monumentality. The slow motion technique organically corresponded to the creative idea - to show the powerful intellectual work of the Brusnika team", - said the director of the video Lado Kvatania.

Voskhod's creative director Andrey Gubaidullin noted that real employees of Brusnika participated in the shooting:

"We asked complicated, tricky questions to the engineers of Brusnika. As a result, we managed to get the right reaction and show the thinking process in its various manifestations."