Tochka. Change and make changes

Tochka Bank

The new advertising campaign of Tochka is about the ability of business to live and develop in a changing environment. Together with Voskhod, the fintech company decided to support entrepreneurs who never lose enthusiasm in crisis situations.

"Entrepreneurs are the most flexible, resilient and purposeful stratum of society. And today - it is no longer about heroism or optimism, but about the wisdom of survival. We found the right and sympathetic example in history...110 million years of adapting to a changing world. Our new campaign is about playing the long game, about entrepreneurs and Bank Tochka, which has been supporting and inspiring its audience for almost 10 years," commented Andrey Gubaidullin, Creative Director of Voskhod Agency.

The global message "Change and make changes" will unite promotional activities within the brand's communication strategy for 2024 developed by Voskhod. It is based on the results of the company's target audience studies.