Website of the Charitable Foundation

Charity foundation Siyai

Voskhod Agency developed a website for the Siyai Charitable Foundation. 

This is an unusual site, both visually and interactively. At the beginning, the visitor is greeted by a character - a cartoon boy Empathic. Against the background of a blue starry sky he looks like a kind hero from a fantastic fairy tale. As you scroll, his phrases appear: "We see you." "We talk about important things." 

The foundation helps children who want to do sports or art. The landing page is designed in such a way that in five minutes you are immersed in a bright atmosphere of hope: you learn about the foundation's programs, read the children's stories and get a reference point - here you can ask for help or give it. 

On the user's way you meet a mascot - a graphic polar star. As a symbol of shining talents and a reference point for those who need help, it supports the general tone of open and friendly communication.

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