Special project to draw attention to the problem of cyberbullying

Rostelecom Solar

Voskhod and Rostelecom-Solar know that cyberbullying is a serious problem, so together with Ministry of Digital Media and VKontakte they implemented a special project aimed at attracting the attention of the maximum number of online audience to this problem.

Any user can face aggression on the internet for any reason. It is very important for people to have a tool with which they can counteract hate. VKontakte has such a tool - it is a set of "No Bullying" stickers, which we developed together with Rostelecom-Solar and Mincifra team.

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Tom was chosen as the main face of the campaign - not an idealized or stereotypical gamer, but the most ordinary guy, sincere and alive. Who but a gamer to talk about toxicity. Cyberbullying in games is unfortunately a common thing, but aRTyom knows how to deal with it and shares this knowledge with everyone who discovered stickers and engaged in a dialog with the character through the chatbot.

The chatbot became a platform for engaging users in a dialog about the complex topic of cyberbullying: the user was asked to perform a simple task - take a test and receive a set of stickers.


Voskhod was responsible for creating the campaign architecture, promotion and placement with bloggers. The results of the media announcement exceeded the plans for impressions and conversions to the chatbot by 4 times. Bloggers were viewed by more than 260 thousand people, which is 2.7 times more than planned.

At the end of the campaign, more than 300 thousand users entered into a dialog with the chatbot - 70% of them reached the end of the dialog.

The project turned out to be sincere and open - active discussion of the topic of bullying, bloggers' personal stories about encountering bullying online attracted the attention of teenagers. Half of the users were between 14 and 17 years old.