Promotion of the brand of upholstery filler


Do you know at least one brand of upholstery filler? As our research has shown, this category "suffers" from low engagement and knowledge of specific brands. The Elax brand (EGIDA company) and Voskhod decided to change the situation. 

More than 60% of Elax's target audience are convinced: a mattress or sofa should be chosen only offline, so that there is an opportunity to test the product and its filling. Sit and lie down - own feelings become decisive when buying. This is where the creative idea for the brand's advertising campaign came from. 
The part of the human body, which usually becomes the main "tester" of furniture for softness, was embodied in a branded character named Relax. Elax, made of the same name material, interacts with him. Voskhod's Digital Creative team has developed a special project, where everyone can design their own Relax and take part in a raffle.

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