LETI Advertising Campaign - 2023


Promotion of bachelor's and master's degree programs at LETI St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, a leading technical university in Russia.

Voskhod conducted the first large-scale media campaign for LETI aimed at attracting applicants to bachelor's, specialist and master's programs. Given the annually increasing competition among the country's leading universities, the agency faced the task of attracting high-quality traffic to the university's website.

The geography of the campaign was determined on the basis of data on where applications were received from in 2022 and which regions showed the highest share of conversion to enrollment. 30 regions of the Russian Federation were covered.

The conversion rate from the ads run by Voskhod was 95%: 95 people out of 100 who clicked the "submit documents" button completed their registration in the applicant's personal cabinet. Compared to 2022, this indicator increased 3 times.

Based on the results of the campaign, Voskhod prepared recommendations for the 2024 admissions campaign: winning topics for publications, effective formats and promotion channels.