HR-brand platform and brand identity

Even a company that has been a leader in the recruitment niche for many years needs an HR brand. For example, if it is an ambitious and energetic business that plays on the same field with the leading representatives of the IT industry.

It is about the service's team develops a vast pool of digital products for career management and regularly invents new technological solutions. The company turned to Voskhod for HR brand development.  

The core of's target audience as an employer is professionals in the product sector: developers and product developers. Through in-depth interviews with employees, we identified the main characteristics of the target audience and studied the self-determination of the team (EVP and an inside view of the brand). We analyzed the positioning of competitors' HR-brands, studied labor market trends and practices of global IT-businesses.

The HR-brand platform was developed on the basis of reserches. The company as an employer creates an environment that keeps its employees "charged" and enthusiastic and helps them keep their interest in their work. The essence of the HR-brand is reflected in the identity. Voskhod's designers used the design style of power cells and chargers. The theme of energy and "charging" is traced in the brand line, corporate patterns and icons of the company's activities. Another element is a dynamic frame in the shape of the letter h, which can be transformed depending on the proportions of the media and filled with content.

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