Maheev. Do you feel it too?

Essen Production

How to convey all the flavor nuances of jams, sauces and ketchups in 30 seconds? Essen Production AG (Maheev TM) and Voskhod advertising agency solved this problem with the help of an animated journey through the “flavor” worlds.  

- Each scene is a living artistic canvas. Shifting images illustrate the growing “taste” catharsis, comments Voskhod's creative director Andrei Gubaidullin. - Thanks to music we managed to increase the emotional intensity and juiciness of the picture. 

All the objects and images were thought up jointly by the agency and the studio, and then modeled. Layer by layer, the objects were integrated into the collage, and transformations between them were created. At the last stage, AI was used to add artistic strokes to the picture, like on impressionist canvases.