Brand Identity for NL International

NL International

New case in Voskhod's portfolio - work for NL International. The task was to develop a new corporate identity. 

The designers were asked to create a "lively" and plastic image of the international brand that would be close to the current NL audience and attractive to young people.

The new logo was created from regular curves, smoothly flowing into each other. "Flowing" letters formed an unconventional symbol for the category. Depending on the audience and objectives, the identity transforms from conservative and austere to more lightweight and youthful. Details and color completely change the mood of the brand.

One of the unusual elements - the stretchable price tag - is able to fill the necessary space of the advertising medium. And a variety of icons can give consumers more information. For example, the planet icon will recall the history of the brand and the very first NL logo. The "floral" signs will tell about the naturalness of the brand's products.

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