Media Campaign for Whoosh


In the summer of 2023, Voskhod planned and launched a large-scale advertising campaign for Whoosh kickshare service. The campaign took place in 35 cities on more than 250 OOH and DOOH billboards. 

In 2023, the traffic rules for personal mobility devices (electric scooters, electric skateboards, gyroscooters, segways, monowheels, etc.) were amended. With the season in full swing, Whoosh decided to make users aware of the updated safety rules. Whoosh developed a placement strategy: using a heat map of city routes, the most "scooter-friendly" streets in 35 cities were identified (bright yellow stripes), where OOH and DOOH billboards were chosen. Emphasis was placed on media facades as the largest and most effective format. 

Results of the advertising campaign: 
2.1 million impressions
162 million contacts
every 5 inhabitants of the placement geography saw the advertisement at least 20 times.

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