Сreative concept: 2 variants, 1-3 communication channels
20000 €
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An elaborate creative idea clarifies your brand message and drives consumer engagement, awareness and action. A creative idea can be optionally distributed through 1-3 communication channels.
Briefing (in concert with strategic team)
We dive into the brand's history, background, competitive environment, target audience, unique qualities and goals we have to achieve.
Phrasing a message
Our strategic team develops a message and provides possible directions of the creative thought. What do we say?
Developing an idea
How do we say it? We search for insights — the element that differentiates a boring advertising from a creative one. An insight is a small, never-said-before, truth about the world, humanity, product.
Selecting an idea
Out of 100+ developed ideas, only a few get to the finale.
Working through execution
The ideas are matched with the brief in tonality, timing, budget.
You will have a presentation with 2 selected ideas, each in tune with the selected media channel(s).

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Сreative concept: 2 variants, 1-3 communication channels
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