Brand style

Your identity is your unique character that your clients want to see. The image of the brand that lives according to its own laws and grasps people's attention with how special it is.

Background analysis
It can come in 2 options. If you brand needs re-styling, we fill in the brief together. If we are to create your identity from scratch, our strategic team joins — to research the market, audience, competitive environment and to provide insights.
We design 3 variants of identity, all essentially different yet in tune with the brief; we develop all basic and additional style-forming elements.
Guidebook compiling
After you accept a variant of identity, we develop the guidebook where list all recommendations on how to implement the identity into life through all mediums.
Supervising (optional)
We can conduct a series of workshops with your staff designers to guide them through the identity usage.

You will have a presentation that depicts the new identity with all style-forming elements.

What's next

A logo communicates your brand's core values. It is something your loyal customer expects to notice among numerous competitor logos, as it is so much more than a work of graphic design art. It is your primary identification tool.

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Creative concept: 2 variants, 1-3 communication channels

An elaborate creative idea clarifies your brand message and drives consumer engagement, awareness and action. A creative idea can be optionally distributed through 1-3 communication channels.

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Your brand's name needs to linger in your customer's mind. It is the face of your company. Names have power, so make sure yours is a powerful verbal reflection of your essense, values and character.

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Brand style

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