The ground zero, the very foundation of your brand story. A clear and robust brand essense, core message and brand promise help building relevance and trust.


Brand platform

Now the brand has a character, its own values and beliefs. It lives in a unique environment and has a lot to share with its customers. A brand platform connects your brand's mini-world with your target audience and gives the both the chance to speak the same language. We create the DNA that will boost and scale your brand while keeping its uniqueness intact.

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Brand architecture

Take a look at your brand system and correlation between sub-brands and the parent brand. Is it completely clear for an outsider? Can they be sure they know perfectly well what your brand family can help them with? If the answer is not a definitive "yes", you need to slice & dice it and develop a clear hierarchy. Your audience will have a consistent perception of your brand. It will also easily place any new product on its right place within the system. A new product won't need additional branding — it has all been done.

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HR Brand Development

Benefits of a strong HR brand include: a top image at the labour market, high level of employee loyalty, low personnel turnover, fast hiring process.

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