Packaging design (1 piece)
1800 €
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Product packaging is what your customer sees on the shop shelf. We'll make sure to deliver a category-disrupting brand experience.
Background analysis
In concert with strategic team, we conduct a research on the market. What challenges do we need to solve with the new design?
We provide a detailed description of what is needed to be done in the form of a brief.
We create a few essentially different concepts that fit into the brief.
We demonstrate the concepts to you, you choose the best one.
Final stage
We create the final product-specific layouts, illustrations, conduct photoshoots.
Consulting (optional)
We compile guidelines for implementing the design so that your staff designer can do it too.
You will get a presentation outlining all variants of the selected packaging layout, intellectual property rights to illustrations and fonts and recommendations on materials.

Forte Femme Design

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Packaging design (1 piece)
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