Qualitative research
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You will know what your target audience dreams about. This knowledge gives you the power to deliver the most relevant product to satisfy all their needs. It comes in the form of telephone surveys or online dashboards. We get inside your customers' heads and reach for the deepest insights.
Research designing
We define research parameters and specify the number of respondents, the duration, the basis of segmenting. It will help us ask the right questions and get insightful answers.
Recruiting moderators
We select moderators for the future survey.
We recruit interviewees and conduct the active phase of the research.
Results processing
Analytical report compiling
The final stage is to transform the data into a comprehensible form.
You will have structurized notes and transcripts of the interviews and focus groups + insightful analytic report on the results of the research, conclusions and recommendations on next steps of work.

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Qualitative research
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