Communication policy

Creating of the corporate communications guide. 

Analytical Unit
Brand platform analysis; familiarising with brand’s HR-policy; competitors communications analysis, determining of style specificity; communication codes of the target audience; conclusions.
Editorial policy
Recommended Tone-of-voice; internal/external communications structure; rules of work with informational occasions; rules of work with negative information; partnership and co-promotion; brand integration: events.
Inclusion of the final document into brand book / guide
Optionally: section on the website about rules of brand communications.

Document describing style and tone of communication, internal and external communications guidlines, the specifics of reporting on selected topics, the procedure of external communications approval.  

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PR strategy

A PR stategy is an elaborate plan to manage public opinion and build trust. It will help your company to create long-term PR results.

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SMM strategy

In textbooks, an SMM strategy is a well-thought-out plan of brand promotion on social media, responding to marketing goals and objectives. In reality, it is an irreplaceable component of your brand's life. You need to be right where your audience is, that is, on social media.

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Communication policy

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