CRM database research

In the fast-changing economic situation customers aim to save money, while brands are looking for ways to preserve the client base. We will conduct a marketing research and match its results with data from the CRM and fiscal data operators. Your marketing decisions will base upon verified data.

We collect
the current client base and specify segments based on the most crucial business indicators.
We develop
the questionaire and send it over the client base. Minimum selection is 3-4K participants.
We match
the research data with the CRM system data.
We analyse
the collective data and identify client segments with similar psychographic and consumption characteristics.
We describe
the structure and features of the current client base.

Analytical report specifying features of customer behavior and giving recommendations on possible changes in the company's marketing and product strategy.

What's next
Communication strategy

You will never have to worry about what to communicate in your advertising activities. With a clear communication strategy, they will be in perfect tune with your marketing and business goals. The strategy decides it once and for all — what to say, what channels to use, where to look for the audience and what needs to cater for.

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CRM database research

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