HR Brand Development

Benefits of a strong HR brand include: a top image at the labour market, high level of employee loyalty, low personnel turnover, fast hiring process.

Orientation meetings with the top management of the company, definition of KPIs.
Research stage
Internal audit: in-depth interviews with employees, online surveys. External audit: quantitative research featuring candidates, competition analysis.
Development of EVP (employer value proposition)
HR strategy development (optional)
HR brand communication strategy development including the company's whole digital ecosystem, external and internal PR, development of an internal corporate communications plan.
Concept and design of the employer's website (optional)
Building an EJM (employer journey map) (optional)
Creation of concepts for internal corporate services, their technical description and prioritization of implementation.

Presentation featuring detailed description of your HR brand  and EVP

What's next
PR strategy

A PR stategy is an elaborate plan to manage public opinion and build trust. It will help your company to create long-term PR results.

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Communication strategy

You will never have to worry about what to communicate in your advertising activities. With a clear communication strategy, they will be in perfect tune with your marketing and business goals. The strategy decides it once and for all — what to say, what channels to use, where to look for the audience and what needs to cater for.

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Website development

The timeless "I think, therefore I exist" applies well to a brand having a website on the Internet. It is simply a must-have. A website is your basic tool to achieve your business goals. 
You'll have a clear, easy-to-manage and beautifully designed website to reach your audience. It may come in whatever form — an online shop, landing page, self-promotion website.

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Creative concept: 2 variants, 1-3 communication channels

An elaborate creative idea clarifies your brand message and drives consumer engagement, awareness and action. A creative idea can be optionally distributed through 1-3 communication channels.

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HR Brand Development

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