Media strategy

Selecting media channels and volumes of distribution and measuring their impact can be tough and overwhelming. Designing a media strategy is a way out. The goal we strive to fulfill is to maximize the output with minimal spend. In more detail — we define the most comprehensive media mix and tactics of distribution across the most adequate channels.

Business and marketing goals is what we need to define.
Analytics stage
We look into the category: the average volume of media spending, key media channels, seasonality, competitors' media activity. We determine the most winning strategies and tactics of distribution. We analyse the audience's media consumption habits.
Strategic stage
We define the media mix, form the media architecture of the company, specify tactics of offline and online usage of media channels, distribution volumes and budgets. Optionally, we can develop and plan special projects.
We establish projections and effectiveness assessment methods.

Your result is a media flow chart (diagrams with media volumes and budgets) and touchpoint maps.

What's next
Communication strategy

You will never have to worry about what to communicate in your advertising activities. With a clear communication strategy, they will be in perfect tune with your marketing and business goals. The strategy decides it once and for all — what to say, what channels to use, where to look for the audience and what needs to cater for.

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Media strategy

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