Complex analysis of brand's position

The complex analysis of the brand’s position allows to set right parameters for quantitative research and get applicative significate results.

Market analysis
Determine the main factors influencing the purchases
Brand and competitor analysis
Media activity, key messages, positioning attributes
Audience analisys
Socio-demographic and psychographic profile, buying and consumer behaviour, common stereotypes and judgements about the product and the category.
Cross-analysis after receiving data
Link between media activity and key brand health metrics; audience segmentation; comparison of brand perception in the category and it's communications; guidelines for differentiation and brand attributes.

Extended analytical report including data from different sources and strategic guidlines on the following steps. 

What's next
Quantitative research

What do you trust more — words or numbers? Quantitative research allows you to obtain a numerical expression of various important parameters. It's the basis for making crucial strategic decisions.

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Communication strategy

You will never have to worry about what to communicate in your advertising activities. With a clear communication strategy, they will be in perfect tune with your marketing and business goals. The strategy decides it once and for all — what to say, what channels to use, where to look for the audience and what needs to cater for.

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Complex analysis of brand's position

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