Quantitative research

What do you trust more — words or numbers? Quantitative research allows you to obtain a numerical expression of various important parameters. It's the basis for making crucial strategic decisions.

Research designing
We develop a list of questions for the future questionnaire.
Toolkit specifying
We select a suitable platform to conduct the survey.
We create an online questionnaire.
We collect all data received and process it.
Report compiling
The final stage is to transform the data into a comprehensible form.

You will have detailed cross tables with all the data received during surveys + a detailed analytic report with conclusions and recommendations on next steps of work.

What's next
Communication strategy

You will never have to worry about what to communicate in your advertising activities. With a clear communication strategy, they will be in perfect tune with your marketing and business goals. The strategy decides it once and for all — what to say, what channels to use, where to look for the audience and what needs to cater for.

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Qualitative research

You will know what your target audience dreams about. This knowledge gives you the power to deliver the most relevant product to satisfy all their needs. It comes in the form of telephone surveys or online dashboards. We get inside your customers' heads and reach for the deepest insights.

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Media strategy

Selecting media channels and volumes of distribution and measuring their impact can be tough and overwhelming. Designing a media strategy is a way out. The goal we strive to fulfill is to maximize the output with minimal spend. In more detail — we define the most comprehensive media mix and tactics of distribution across the most adequate channels.

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Creative concept: 2 variants, 1-3 communication channels

An elaborate creative idea clarifies your brand message and drives consumer engagement, awareness and action. A creative idea can be optionally distributed through 1-3 communication channels.

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Quantitative research

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